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WrathfulGaming DarkRP Rules

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1 WrathfulGaming DarkRP Rules on Fri Mar 25, 2016 5:42 pm

Breaking any of these rules may result in a warn/ban! Do not argue with a staff member decision, instead, record and report them if you feel they are abusing.

General Server Rules:
Be respectful to ALL members. (Slight racism for RP is allowed but do not harass and go to Hitler level of racism.)
You may not kill a player for stealing your items. The only exception is if someone raids you.
You may not player warn, except for hobos. If they are bothering you ask a staff member.
Don't abuse your tool gun in any way.
Do not break NLR which is 2 minutes.
Do not advertise links, other servers, or communities.
Do not chat spam/admin spam. (Send massive/repeated messages constantly, punishment is a Mute.)
Do not mic spam. (Playing sounds/music for an extended amount of time, Punishment is a Gag)
Do not evade or avoid punishment. (We have your SteamID and IP)
Do not RDM! (RDM: The act where you kill someone for no reason. You must have an RP Reason to kill, Otherwise it's RDM.)
Do not abuse your job in any way. (Ex: Self supplying as a Gun Dealer.)
If you AFK advert "AFK" (/advert AFK)
Exploits of any kind are bannable.
Auto collectors ARE allowed as long as the users and printers do not move.
You may not place drugs or storage boxes in peoples wire users.
Do not prop climb.
You can't kill a person who killed your party member for a legitimate reason (Police officer killing party member when trying to raid a base).
Do not abuse any loopholes! Contact a staff to fix the issue.
Do not AFK printer farm you will be kicked!
Do not impersonate staff.
You can not build on sidewalks or roads. (Hobos may build small shacks on sidewalks.)
Do not use auto collectors on HP/Armor vendors! This will result in a ban!
Do not use chain adverts, at most you can have ONE action on ONE bind. (Ex: raid/raid over, pd raid/raid, These are not allowed!)
You cannot trap people in your base. If they ask let them out.
Do not give hobos more then $10000

You may not Metagame!
Ex: Killing someone who you saw kill a party member in the kill feed.
Warranting for printer sparks or hearing meth being made.
Telling a cop you are being raided after dying.
Using keypad passwords at an enemy’s base.

Raid Rules:
Do not edit, physgun, push keyboard keys to open doors, or build during a raid.
Raids may only last up to 15 minutes.
Do not raid the same base within 10 minutes in time.
Do not change your job during a raid.
Do not use keyboard keys to open doors when being raided, Use the keypads!
After raiding one base you may not raid another for 5 minutes.
If you die while being raided, you may return to the raid after 2 minutes.
You may not raid bases or harass those with building signs!
You must be halfway in the street at the building to call raid/raid assist

Kidnap Rules:
Maximum ransom is $15,000
No kidnapping staff on duty.
Kidnapping cooldown is 15 minutes.
You may not kidnap the same person within 30 minutes.
You can only hold the kidnapped person for 10 minutes.
If you are kidnapped you must listen to whatever the kidnapper says or it is FailRP. (They can still break out of rope you can not tell them not to)

Prop Rules:
Do not prop spam.
Do not prop kill.
Do not prop surf.
Do not prop push.
Do not prop block. (Purposely block players or Block rooms without a keypad)
No one way fading doors or props in which you can see someone who can't see you.
You cannot place props in places that you do not own the door unless the base owner allows you to.

Base rules:
Fading doors must stay open for at least 8 seconds!
All fading doors must have fully visible keypads that are next to the fading door it controls.
KOS lines are allowed and can only extend to the sidewalk outside your base.
Fake or useless keypads are not allowed.
You can block off extra entrances as long as there is one entrance to get in.
You may not block off alleys, roads, or tunnels in any way.
You can build to the roof of your building if you own the entire building.
You cannot seal off public areas and claim them as yours. Even if you party has all the buildings owned.
If building something in the air you MUST make supports for it. Things don't just float.
No crouch entrances or crouch tunnels.(Making players enter your base by crouching.)
You can have a maximum of 5 fading doors for the entrance in your base.
No peek hole advantages. (Slots between props that you shoot through. Lights in at the end of a tunnel.)
Prop maze's are not allowed there must be a clear path.
You cannot have a KOS sign and a building sign.
You are not allowed to own printers and a building sign.
Your base must have a definitive front door.
You may not hide rooms or entrances with no collided props.
You can not hide in no collided props
Buttons may not be materialized and must be in plain sight.
Keypad delays may not be set for more than 1 seconds.\
You may only have one Base

Mug Rules:
You must give someone a minimum of ten seconds to drop money when you advert mug. (They MUST shoot you before you can shoot them within that ten seconds).
The maximum mug amount is $5000.
You may not mug players under 1 hour!
The cooldown for a mug is 5 minutes.
You cannot mug hobos.

Counter Rules:
Non-Violence jobs can not counter.
You do not have to advert counter to counter a terror attack.
You must wait 5 minutes to call another counter. If it's the same person you must wait 10 minutes to counter.

Job Rules:

Non-Violence Job: This mean you are not allowed to raid or mug. You may still defend yourself.

Gun Dealer:
Non-Violence Job
You MUST have a shop of some form. You may NOT just roam the streets and sell guns.
You MUST sell to everyone.

You can base.
You can raid but ONLY to do your hit.
You cannot accept hits on staff that are on duty.
You can only kill accepted hits.

Non-Violence Job
You are allowed to be killed if throwing boots at a player, but the player must ADVERT a warning first.
You may not own printers.
You may sing for money, but you may not play songs through your mic like a DJ.
You may not own a gun bigger than a pistol
You may build a SMALL base on the sidewalk.

Non-Violence Job
Mayor can only use pistols. (A TMP is an SMG not a pistol.)
Mayors cannot have illegal items.
Mayor must base in the PD, but can venture out of the PD.
No random lock downs of any sort, please give a reason over "/broadcast"
Mayors can only work with other police forces and his assistant.
When there's no mayor the first 3 laws are the only ones to be followed.

You can raid as a medic but you can't kill, you can only heal your fellow raiders.
You are allowed to base.
You must heal others even if they are not in your group.
You can be hired by CP.

You are not allowed to own drugs or printers.
You must enforce the laws that the Mayor has set.
Police and SWAT May NOT Build Bases.
Weapon checking players randomly is not allowed.
You may not warrant someone without proof.
Government officials cannot place HITS.
You cannot become a corrupt cop.
You may not ever randomly arrest a person. (RDA)

Radio DJ:
Non-Violence Job.
Can base anywhere except the DJ club.
No ear rape music/sound.

Security Guard:
Non-Violence Job
You must attempt to be hired.
You cannot help in raids or defend raiders as a Security Guard. You only guard bases nothing else.
You may only base inside your Employer's base.

You can only raid the same base every 10 minutes and different bases every 5 minutes.
You must advert raid when raiding a house, anyone helping must advert assist.
Adverting party raid is NOT allowed.
You may not pickpocket someone in their nlr zone.
You may only base with other Thieves, Pro Thieves, Elite Thieves, Master Thieves, and The Joker.
You may mug.

You may plant a bomb at your choice anywhere,except spawn.
A bomb is a terror attack
Cooldown timer for Terror attacks are 30 Minutes
You MUST /advert Terror Attack before doing so.
Terror attacks can last 5 minutes and can occur in a small area. (No sniping long distance players.)
Terrorists can only work with other terrorists.
You are allowed to base.
Terrorists are allowed to raid and mug!

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